Welcome to July 12th's edition of Favorite Friday!
This week, we have an awesome Circus reel, with a great story.

Maja M. of WPG Publishers, told me the background on these amazing images:

"Studio Beshart, an Antwerp based graphic studio, four years ago they decided not to work on Fridays anymore. At that point they created Creative Friday : a creative playground where anything was possible. It’s there that Circus Chapito was born. The entire circus (2 x 3 meter) is built in paper and is still in a secret place somewhere in Antwerp."

circus, view finder, custom, unique, vintage, retro

Aren't the pictures incredible?
Click on the reel below to see a bigger version of the rest of the frames.

circus, view finder, custom, unique, vintage, retro, nostalgia

Now, WPG Publishers is turning the images into a picture book. Look for it in October!
Circus Chapito Book Bover

Check out Studio Beshart to see more of their great work!

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