I absolutely love this week's Favorite Friday reel!
Maybe because I am a huge dog person, but you don't have to like dogs to think this reel is adorable!

Hoa and Anthony are getting married! They decided to send out their wedding invitations on a custom reel and viewer. But, instead of just having the same ol' wedding information on the reel, they turned theirs into a personalized story of love, complete with 2 cute dogs named Sysco and Oliver!

"love story" save the dates reel frames

Favorite Friday 3-29-13 (Love Story Save the Dates)

Can someone have multiple all time favorites? I have said it so many times before, but I have to say it again!
Also, a big congrats to Hoa and Anthony on their upcoming wedding!

If you were going to make a "love story" reel about you and your beau what would it say?