Happy Favorite Friday!

This week is indeed a happy one! As you have seen from the many "dog" related reels I choose for Favorite Friday, I like dogs :-)
When I saw this reel come in from Jon S., I knew I just had to choose it! And, I am very glad I did! Because not only was it just a fun reel with pictures of Boxers, but a reel with an even greater story.

The reel was made by Jon as part of a Christmas gift to his sister Julia and her fiance Chad. Jon told me, "The pictures are of all the dogs they have personally fostered for the Boxer Luv Rescue, in Arizona. The dates on each picture are when they found their forever-home."

I have a rescued Boxer myself, so even more touching!
Thanks Jon, Julia, and Chad, you are making a wonderful difference in the lives of these dogs.

Check out their website: Boxer Luv Rescue- https://www.boxerluv.org/

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