We are getting in the mood for the Holidays around here at Image3D! This has prompted me to ask some employees what their holiday traditions are. Here are some responses:

"My family and I always spend the whole Christmas day together. We open presents really fast and then spend the rest of the day eating! Last year we had tons of fondue (cheese, veggies, fruit and meat!), a huge dinner with ham and homemade scalloped potatoes, then butterscotch cheesecake for dessert. Mmmm! It's more food than Thanksgiving, so Christmas is really our 'feasting day'" -Ramona


"At Thanksgiving my family and I make a ham and for Christmas we make a turkey. Both are great to eat, plus we get a big kick out of telling people what we do! It's funny to see them look confused, but why follow the norm?" -Dylan

"My family always makes each other gifts for Christmas instead of buying them. It's really fun and we get some great gifts. Plus, it is really personalized. Can't get much better than that." -Olivia

Image3D Gift Box

One of the best parts of having these traditions is going back through past pictures and looking at how things have (or maybe haven't?) changed over the years. Capturing memories to laugh at, cry at, or simply to make you smile is awesome!
Happy Ramona
Whatever the tradition may be, we all have something! Please share yours! We would love to see how the rest of the world celebrates this amazing time of year.