Say the word "Disney" when discussing movies and it'll instantly give people feel good vibes and memories. For me, its remembering those bulky white VHS boxes, my Little Mermaid sheet sets, and pretending to be Snow White in the woods.

Disney movies are serious classics! And now that 3D is becoming a huge trend, Disney filmmakers are reinventing the films we cherish so much.
Recently Disney re-released the Lion King to theaters, this time in 3 dimensions. The film was literally king of the box office!

Now, there is a list of films that Disney will also be converting to 3D that includes: Finding Nemo, Beauty and the Beast, and Monsters, Inc.

Sometimes, though, the reinvention goes both ways on the cool spectrum. Some people have used the common quote "why fix something that isn't broke?" We here at Image3D are curious to know what everyone else thinks about the 3D conversions of Disney classics. Do you like the new 3D way of viewing your favorite movies? Please share your thoughts!