People are always looking for new ways to surprise people.
Say you have the perfect gift...but wrapping it just isn't exciting enough. Or you have a huge announcement to make that you don't just want to say out loud (increase the anticipation!).
Well, we are here to help! You can create a custom Image3D reel to make your announcement! Fun, unique, creative, and totally customizable.

Maybe you got a gift for someone that can't be wrapped (or at least is pretty boring when wrapped!). Say, concert tickets, a vacation, etc. Just make a custom reel! Describe the gift and keep them guessing the whole time!
Or you could create the reel with random, fun pictures, and on the last frame be like "oh and yeah we are going to see The Beatles!" (now, wouldn't that be cool? haha)

Here is an example we made, complete with video and all to get your creative mind sparking. When watching the video, can you guess where he's going before it gets to the end?

Surprise Vacation Announcement Reel

Looking for a unique way to announce your pregnancy to the family? Make a custom reel like these guys did! A lovely reel, highlighting their relationship, then BAM! Surprise!

Pregnancy Announcement Reel Framess

Pregnancy Announcement Reel

It would be super fun to use the reel to send someone on a scavenger hunt too! Just make sure they take it one frame at a time and don't cheat!
This would work well for a gift that may be too big to wrap or just as a fun way to get the kids out of the house!

Scavenger Hunt Reel Frames


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