One of my favorite parts about working at Image3D is being able to see the reaction of people when they receive a custom reel as a gift.

Usually they laugh at first thinking, "I remember that as a kid!" and then "Oh my gosh, that's pictures of me in there!"

Here are some of our favorite reactions:
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[caption id="attachment_4472" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="A Happy Father's Day Gift"]Happy Father's Day Gift[/caption]

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[caption id="attachment_4471" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="A Christmas Gift"]Merry Christmas Gift[/caption]

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[caption id="attachment_4470" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="A Wedding Proposal"]A Wedding Proposal[/caption]

And last but not least, we have the best reaction that covers my above reaction sentence perfectly. The gift was given by photographer and blogger Beckie of Becka Jayne Photography. We get the before, during, and after effects of her sister opening her gift with family photos on the reel. Very cool and fun to see! See for yourself- My favorite Christmas gift this year was actually one that I gave away.

Speaking of that it is September it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts (I know this sounds crazy, but it will come sooner than you think)! So, if you want a reaction like one of the ones above, get your creative juices flowing and start creating custom reels!

For tons of inspiration, check out our Favorite Friday's section of the blog or our example reel videos on our YouTube Channel.

And, if you just don't feel like being that creative, Image3D now offers gift cards! Yahoo!