From old memories to recent vacations, the custom RetroViewer becomes the perfect go-to gift for Valerie who uses it for her family Christmas gifts and even her friend's birthday!

Valerie told us,

"For Christmas for each of my 3 adult children I bought a viewer and extra reels which included special vacations, outings (skydiving), pics of their dogs and for my son him playing basketball with his buddies on his wedding weekend.

Their reactions were better than I could have imagined. They were thrilled to have pics of their dogs as puppies and seeing the special vacations brought back so many happy memories! My youngest daughter (she’s 25) was tickled when she opened for nostalgic value, but was blown away when she saw pics of herself.

I also sent viewers to my daughter-in-law’s parents and brother with a reel from a vacation we all took this year. I didn't see their reaction but my daughter-in-law said they were thrilled and said it was such a neat and unique gift.

I also got one for a friend for her 65th birthday with pics of her girlfriends through the years. She loved it!

Thank you, thank you for opening up a whole new special gift giving opportunity for me."

Custom RetroViewer reels make a fun gift

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