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Many of us remember the good ol' days in our childhood when we could look at reels and be taken to all parts of the world and experience our favorite movies in a new way. Now, you can also take pictures from the past and make your own reels. Looking at pictures from back in the day and playing with a favorite childhood toy, the RetroViewer can be considered as a double dose of memory fun.

As a favorite toy of Jim's, he knew he found the right Christmas gift when he came across our RetroViewer.

Jim told us,

"I grew up in the late 50’s-early 60’s. My mom raised me and my younger sister by herself, with help from my older sis and relatives. The budget was tight, and vacation travel wasn’t an option when we were young, so mom came up with the next best thing: The Viewmaster! This little device took us to Disneyland, historical events, movies, the theater and so much more, all in glorious 3D color! She even got us the lighted version so we could look at them at night (or under the covers).

So when I stumbled across the RetroViewer while searching for Christmas gifts for my older and younger sisters, I was hit by a wave of those wonderful memories. I ordered a set for each sister, and combed through the family photo archives to create custom photo reels with images from our very first family Christmases, as well as current family photos. My wife and I were delighted with the results when the sets arrived and shipped them off to the sisters, along with a gift certificate for them to be able to create their own photo reel. Two days before Christmas I received the following note from my younger sister:

“I must admit – I opened our gift early (since I’m headed out of town for Christmas).

THANK YOU for the BEST GIFT EVER! This is SO very fabulous! I can’t stop looking at it! What a terrific way to relive the past, through both the form and function! And I can’t wait to use the gift certificate to make another reel (too too fun)!

I’m going to take the viewer with when I go see the kids – I’m sure they’ll enjoy it too!”

The whole process, from creating the reel to receiving the above thank you from my sister was amazing and really made our holiday this year. Thank you for a great product and system!"

A RetroViewer is a fun way to showcase photos


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