We can't believe it is already the start of another school year!

But we don't fret around here! We look forward to school dances, new college experiences, and inspiration from amazing teachers.

You may wonder how a group of working adults can look forward to school-life. It's because we get to see all the fun come through on custom reels!

Here are some of our favorite examples:

Going Away Gift

Make sure your college bound student doesn't get homesick with a reel of his or her best friend.

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Going Away Reel

Teacher Gifts

What would the world be like without teachers? We can't even imagine! Make your child's teacher feel special and get him or her something unique (and better than an apple! :-))

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A Teacher Gift Reel

School Dances

School dance invitations on a custom reel? You betchya!

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A Prom Invitation

How can someone say, "no" to being asked to a school dance on a custom reel?

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A Dance Invitation

School Projects

Want a guaranteed A+ on your next assignment? Turn in a custom reel covering your topic!

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A School Project Reel

Some kids are happy and some kids are sad when it is time to go back to school, but we say bring it on! And bring on the awesome reels!

What's your favorite or least favorite part about school starting?