We love hearing a great story about a custom RetroViewer order! When we received Yvonne and Daniel's story, we were blown away by their awesome creativity!

Fun and retro imagery, unique packaging, and lots of smiles!

They told us...

Yvonne & Daniel make fun photos for the customized RetroViewer wedding invitations

"We loved those 3D Viewers since our childhood and we were very happy to find Image3D in the internet - so we decided to use them as our wedding invitation!

We made a shooting in our home and Photoshoped the pictures afterwards, to show our story! The last two pictures we used for the details of the wedding invitation ...

We were very excited when they came to us!
They worked perfect, so we just needed to give them a wedding style packaging ...

We chose cupcake boxes, mint tissues and confetti hearts! We gave them to our friends and family and they were ALL very surprised, saying they have never seen something like that and they were completely impressed by the idea and the creativity!

This kind of invitation was absolutely the best decision and a lot of fun for all, including us ;)"

Yvonne & Daniel make customized packaging for their RetroViewer wedding invitations


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