Here in Oregon we have received a nice sneak peek at what summer is about to offer. Literally 2 weeks straight of sunny blue skies. It made most of us want to take the day off to soak up the sun, pack our bags and go camping, or get out our swimming suits and head to the river.

Summer has to be one of the best times in Oregon.

Also has to be the season where we take the most pictures!
Here is a reel adventure of some of the best things Oregon has to offer...

Head to the mountain for some camping, fishing, and sightseeing
mt hood, oregon

Stay in Portland and head to the Zoo

oregon zoo
Travel to the coast and hit up Newport and the Oregon Coast Aquarium

newport, oregon

oregon coast aquarium

Travel the Columbia Gorge making a pit stop at Bonneville Dam

the columbia gorge

bonneville dam

Travel to Roseburg and it will seem like you have entered a whole new world at Wildlife Safari

wildlife safari

Go whitewater rafting or salmon fishing along the Deschutes River

deschutes river


It's pictures like these that bring back some of my fondest memories.

What kind of reels would your summer adventures make?

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