Birthday gifts can be tricky, especially when the birthday boy or girl lives far away. But, as customer, Anika found out, a RetroViewer, with pictures of friends and family, is a perfect way to make the birthday recipient feel close to home.

Anika told us,

"I bought the RetroViewer with a custom reel for my Boyfriend’s birthday! He lives in Florida so I had to get it shipped there and it came right on time! The Website was very easy to navigate and use in order to customize my reel. There are so many cool customization options that makes it very user-friendly and fun! I always used to play with these when I was a kid and thought that my boyfriend would enjoy this neat little trinket. He was absolutely in awe as he flipped through the various pictures of his family, friends, and us. It was a tender moment. Thank you!"

Happy Birthday RetroViewer

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