SkyMall for your wedding? You betchya!

The Invite

SkyMall Cards
Turn a personalized 5x7 card into a nice wedding invitation, program, or even afterward thank you- Personalized Greeting Cards



SkyMall Hair Bling
Bling String for your hair!


SkyMall Hair Accessory
Add some jazz with a Fluffy Hair Ponywrap



The Rings

SkyMall Wedding Ring
DiamondAura Ring


SkyMall Rings


Numeros Rings


The Flowers

SkyMall Gold Roses
Hand-dipped Gold Roses


SkyMall Tulips
Pink Ribbon Tulips (this one donates 10% to Komen For the Cure)



SkyMall Chocolate Fountain
3 Tier Chocolate Fountain


SkyMall Food Dishes
Iced Serving Dishes


SkyMall Red Velvet Cake
Shoot, you can even get a cake from SkyMall! Red Velvet Cake



Tables & Chairs

SkyMall Table Covers
Gem Table Covers


SkyMall Chair Covers
Only have ugly folding chairs from the 70's? Use Tonal Chair Slipcovers


Fun Stuff

SkyMall Wedding Poem
Personalized Wedding Poem. Put this in a mat that guests can sign the sides of.


SkyMall Wedding Sign
Personalized Couple Canvas



And hey, only 17 more days until our product is in SkyMall magazines! Woo hoo!!