Fun and functional, the RetroViewer served Kay's family reunion as both a gift and memorabilia.

Kay told us,

"I saw a program about your company on Oregon Art Beat and thought what a good idea it was for preserving family memories.

My family was having a mini reunion last summer, and so I ordered a viewer and a custom reel for each person, each one customized for them. Everyone loved their reels! I passed them out at the same time, and we all traded them around so that we could see what pictures were on each person's custom reel.

Since then, I ordered a second reel for everyone who was at the reunion for Christmas and ordered reels and viewers for some of my friends. All of them have loved looking at the pictures through the viewer, which is nostalgic for our generation. For some people I have pictures of us that go back thirty years, which led to quite a bit of nostalgic remembrances."

Family History Reels, Perfect for Reunions

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