You know you have a great gift when your recipient immediately points out that they want to make more.

That was the exact reaction Cristal received when she gave her boyfriend their 1 year anniversary RetroViewer reel.

Cristal said...

"My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year, so I decided for our anniversary to get him a RetroViewer! He is a kid at heart, loving to play with legos and trucks. So I thought, what a perfect idea to get him a toy from his childhood (and mine!) and express our relationship through the pictures! I gave it to him on Friday and he teared up with joy. He loved the special touch with the words printed "I love you" on the viewer. He was so happy with his RetroViewer, and was amazed that I was able to find such a cool company that made old school toys with a custom touch. As soon as he flipped through the reel, he looked at me and said "we need to take more pictures to make more picture reels!" Needless to say, my anniversary gift was a success! Seeing his face was priceless :)"

The RetroViewer is a perfect anniversary gift

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