The Magere Brug that crosses the Amstel River in Amsterdam is beautiful on its own. But, throw in a wedding proposal and the site becomes truly magical!

Amanda M. was planning a trip to Amsterdam with her girlfriend, while also planning to pop the big question. She told us:

"I used my customized Retro Viewer to propose to my girlfriend!

I knew I wanted to propose in a special way, so I had ordered a customized Retro Viewer the week before our trip to Amsterdam. All seven pictures I selected for my reel, were pictures of her. On each picture I wrote a sentence about why I love her.

On the day of the proposal we walked all over Amsterdam. When we got to the Magere Brug (skinny bridge) above the Amstel River, I told her that I had brought a gift for her. We stopped in the middle of the bridge and I pulled out the Retro Viewer from my purse. She laughed and said she hadn't seen a view master in years. Once she started looking through it, she was shocked to see pictures of herself. She loved it! After she looked through the Retro Viewer, I gave her a small wooden box with an accordion photo album with pictures of the last 4 years of our relationship. That's when she started crying and when I got on my knee with her ring. She said Yes!

Amanda's proposal with a custom RetroViewer on the Magere Brug in Amsterdam

I couldn't have asked for a better proposal. We are a fun loving couple from San Francisco and it was great to have implemented this product in my proposal to throw in some laughs and silliness into such an emotional moment.

When we tell our engagement story to our friends and family, they all love to look through it."

She Said Yes! Amanda's proposal with a custom RetroViewer on the Magere Brug in Amsterdam



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