When we buy a gift for a loved one, we always hope that they will love it. Even better when you have a good story to tell others afterwards!

Rachel purchased a customized RetroViewer for her boyfriend's birthday and, in her words, the reaction was PRICELESS!

Rachel told us-

"I ordered my viewer & reel for my boyfriends birthday back in February !  I packaged it up all neatly in a box and let him open it without any explanation !  After some confusion of what it actually was, he watched the photos and was stunned!  The look on his face was priceless, watching his expressions change as he watched the photos. He was absolutely amazed with it and wondering how i ever made such a thing !

I was so incredibly happy with the way it turned out & i couldn't have asked for a better product !  The viewer itself was packaged very well and is amazing quality!  As for the reel it was super easy to create & customize and the photos came out in great quality.  Again, i am so happy with the viewer and would 100% recommend (I've already had loads of people ask me where i got it) !  Ive ordered a new reel as well for our anniversary and I'm excited to give it to him! Thank you so much to everyone at Retro Viewer :)"

Rachel's boyfriend enjoying his RetroViewer birthday gift



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