In Brandon's story, our RetroViewer goes from fun marketing tool to a great birthday gift his sister will cherish forever!

"I manage a leasing office in Colorado and one day we received a box at work full of RetroViewers and reels full of pictures of our property for our office. Not only did I think it was the coolest idea ever, but it brought back so many memories of my youth! I thought to myself "wow this would be a great gift idea". I went on the website and ordered one with a reel full of pictures of my daughter and I to surprise my sister on her bday. This was her response:
"Just received this in the mail from my brother. It has pictures of him and Eva on the photo wheel. I LOVE it!!!! 😊 Thank you, Brandon and Eva! I love and miss you so much! 😘 "

Brandon's birthday reel for his sister

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