When you find the perfect gift, it's even better to be able to share the fun with several people and generations.

Laura sent us an email and explained,

"Last year, I ordered a RetroViewer for my husband to document our first year of marriage. Since then, this little red memory-holder has been the first thing my nephews and niece pick up every time they visit. So this Christmas, I decided to give them their own. I handpicked special photo memories for each of them, like our trip to the beach, my nephew's first basketball game and my niece's first dance recital. Needless to say, their custom gifts were a hit on Christmas morning! They're so excited to have their own. (And of course, the adults loved looking at them, too.) I'll be gifting additional reels for them for their birthdays from now on. I like to think of RetroViewers as charm bracelets — they're easy and fun to add to, and just like a charm, each new reel tells a story."

A RetroViewer makes a perfect gift for nieces and nephews


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