If you used to play with a viewer toy as a kid, with reels of far away destinations or your favorite TV show, what a shock to see your own pictures in one. This is the experience Katy received when she gave her fiance a custom reel of their relationship on Valentine's Day.

Katy told us:

A custom RetroViewer was the perfect gift for her fiance

"I recently purchased a Retroviewer for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. We are children of the 90's and always talk about some of our favorite old toys. The Retroviewer was the perfect sentimental and thoughtful gift for David. Funnily enough, 4 days after I ordered the Retroviewer, David proposed to me at the elementary school where we met. The fact that we were now engaged made it all the more exciting to give David his Valentine's Day present.

When he opened the box, he was shocked at what he saw. Originally he thought it was just an old school Retroviewer, but when he looked inside and saw photos of the two of us throughout the 5 years we dated, he was absolutely shocked. His reaction was priceless. He couldn't pick his jaw up off of the floor. It made for the most memorable and sweet Valentine's Day!

Thank you Retroviewer for producing a product that is unique and personalized. It was the highlight of our night! :)"


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