As if a trip to Paris isn't amazing enough, top it off with a custom RetroViewer and handful of reels for the best 50th birthday ever.

Marcus told us,

"I gave my wife a RetroViewer and three custom reels for her 50th birthday.  It’s a perfect occasion for reflecting on a half-century life and all that she’s accomplished.  Of course, it helps that I packed it to give to her on a trip to Paris with the whole family—the capstone to a dinner cruise on the Seine and a stroll under the lights of the Eiffel Tower.  So when she opened it and saw the pictures of herself as a baby and child, pictures of her and me on our many adventures as a couple, and the pictures of our children, of course she couldn’t help but cry.  And once she started, so did everyone else, even the kids. Tears of joy and gratitude for a life well lived."

50th birthday custom RetroViewer gift


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