It's so hard finding a gift for someone that has everything or a hard-to-shop-for person. We've all been there!

This year, RetroViewer customer Paige, told us how she broke the mold with a custom reel for her parent's 43rd wedding anniversary.

Paige told us,

"The first retroviewer disc I've purchased was received well by my parents as a 43rd anniversary gift. It gets hard to find something for them after so many years, but this was great. Normally the gift is more focused on my mom and dad's a good sport. The retroviewer was different - both of my parents LOVED their disc. It was a great gift for them as they love antiques and remember the viewers from their's and my childhoods. I used pictures from their wedding day 43 years ago. I am super excited to make discs for them for subsequent family vacations, Christmas's, and more. My mom expects it too! (I'm excited to make them for myself too - I still have my old viewer from the 90's) Thank you for making these memories come to life again!"

The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift

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