How awesome is this?

Summer camps are getting hi-tech!

It's not just pack your sleeping bag, head out to the woods, and tell ghost stories around the campfire anymore. Now you can go to summer camp and learn all about 3D!

The New York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy offers 4-week and 3-week 3D animation camps for teens and high schoolers.

Learn everything from modeling, motion to sound-image relationships. By the end of the class students will have produced a short 3D animated film. How cool is that?!

Then, for ages 10-13 they have a shorter 2-week animation class.

Classes are offered in NYC and at Harvard University.
Check out the website for more information!
New York Film Academy Summer Camps

3D Design

If you don't live on the east coast, try...

Tech Camps

Tech Camps have classes all over the US. Classes ranging from 3D game design, 3D modeling & animation, and so much more!
See their website for more informaion regarding programs, locations, etc.- Tech Camps Summer Programs

Eastern Washington University

For those on the west coast who want to learn to create their own 3D video game, try the 3D Game Creation Camp at Eastern Washington University.
See their website for more info- EWU 3D Game Creation Camp

With the amount of these 3D summer camps we found both nationally and local, and both upscale and laid back, we would imagine that there are tons out there just waiting to be found. Go to your local college or community center and look into it....otherwise, tell them they need to jump on the 3D wagon and start offering classes!

If you go to any of these classes, or even find some of your own, please tell us about it! They sound awesome and we would love to hear some details from within!