Because Image3D is interested in any and everything 3D related, we got a pretty big kick out of the 3D Music Festival. Yes, that's right, MUSIC!

Your first reaction was probably the same as mine, "What?! How?!" It's actually pretty cool! While the music is playing, large RealD screens will be projecting the show in 3D.

I am vertically challenged, a.k.a. really short, so whenever I go to large venues I always end up watching the screens instead of the actual stage. And I don't think it can get much cooler than watching the band play in 3D! It would be like I was really in the front row! Not to mention how cool everyone probably looked with their 3D glasses on.
[caption id="attachment_501" align="aligncenter" width="264" caption="Me with 3D glasses, pretty cool eh?"]Liz with 3D Glasses[/caption]

The 3D music festival was actually a part of an even bigger 3D event that included not only music but a 3D dance floor, 3D comedy & variety show, 3D fashion show, and 3D films.

The comedy and fashion shows were the first of their will be really cool to see more stuff like this coming out! And you know when it does, we will keep you posted!