First and foremost, you know we are going to hit up our favorite topic...3D!
3D movies are all the rage right now and having the ability to watch them at home on your 3D Blu-ray player (or even PlayStation3) makes it even more fun!
Why not a gift set that includes some classics such as the Lion King along with some super cool 3D glasses?
RealD glasses

Some of the hottest gadgets right now:

  • e-readers
  • iPods/iPads
  • And if they already have those (which is likely) then how about a cool skin to make it their own? You can pick from pre-made ones or even customize your very own (like mine below) on websites like Skinit and Gelaskins
    Ipod Skin

    Speaking of customization, what about a custom Image3D reel and viewer set? Create your very own reel online using fun pictures, add 3D captions, and even pick your favorite color of viewer! This is definitely a gift that will drop the jaws of most people and you can guarantee that they do not already have one of these!
    Image3D Custom Reel & Viewer Gift

    Fun for the entire family, how about a motion gaming console? Not only does it add a totally new atmosphere to gaming, but makes for fun interaction and gives you a nice workout!

  • Wii
  • Xbox Kinect
  • PlayStation Move

    Or combine both 3D and gaming with a Nintendo 3DS without the need of glasses! Talk about a seriously new dimension in gaming!

    Nintendo 3DS