As everyone knows, we have four stock colors for our viewers. That is, red, black, blue, and white.

view finder, red, black, blue, white, custom, unique

But, every so often, a client comes along and desires something unique!

We only offer custom color viewers through our Corporate program, mostly because a lot goes in to creating custom color viewers. Therefore, we have a minimum purchase of 1,000 to get this perk. Yet, to some, that is nothin'!

Here are some of the fun colors that we have done in the past:



custom, teal, unique


Neon Green

custom, green, unique, neon

custom, green, unique, neon



custom, orange, unique



custom, pink, unique


Two-Toned, Black & Yellow

If anything is the epitome of unique, it is this order! Not only did Third Man Records want a custom color viewer, but they wanted it to be two-toned yellow and black!

black, yellow, unique, two-toned, custom

black, yellow, unique, two-toned, custom, assembly



The fun doesn't end here! We have done all sorts of other colors like, purple, all yellow, all sorts of shades of green, and all kinds of blue hues.

custom, unique

Don't be discouraged if you are not able to order a custom color viewer by getting 1,000 or more. Sometimes, we have extras left over after a job and may have one for you to buy. So, when in doubt, just ask, it can't hurt, and you may be able to get a unique viewer all for yourself!

Now, just for fun, what color viewer would you like to see added to our stock selection?