For many students this year, schooling did not go as expected. 2020 has been crazy, and even more so for the recent graduates who likely missed out on many of the fun that they were looking forward to in their final year and days as a K-12 student.

This year, Emily decided to bring a little light to her sister's eyes with a fun gift to make her smile.

Emily told us:

A custom gift for the high school graduate!
"My younger sister is a proud, outgoing, 2020 highschool graduate, but with the world in the midst of a raging pandemic, she has had to miss out on a lot: The concert she was going to attend for her 18th birthday was cancelled, everything about her graduation was postponed (and then eventually dropped all together), and she had to be let go from her very first full-time job before she even got to start it, since it was considered non-essential.

In an attempt to make the last bit of highschool special for her, I discovered the RetroViewer, and I am so glad I did!
It was super unique, easily customizable, and my sister was so excited with the final result that she jumped on social media to impress her friends with the reels! Ultimately, the RetroViewer was a success and I highly recommend trying one of these out for your own special graduate!"

Going away to college with memories on a RetroViewer

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