Gift Ideas For Him

Gift Ideas For Him

Gift idea guides for the men in your life tend to stick to the same tired set of suggestions every year. Ties, gadgets, tools, outdoor grilling equipment....these things all have a plainly practical purpose and while everyone can appreciate having a nice tie or a tool set when either is needed, there are only so many times you can receive the same types of gifts before it starts to get humdrum.


If this sounds familiar to you, as a gift giver, maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the box before the next birthday, anniversary or Father’s Day rolls around. Taking a moment to really reflect on what you want to express to the recipient of your gift will help guide you in the right direction. Here are few things you might consider the next time you need a gift for one of the special guys in your life. 


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Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

How did you meet your boyfriend? Where was your first date? What are the things you like about one another? Use these things to come up with a meaningful and creative gift. 

Gift Ideas For Your Dad

What are some things that your Dad taught you that you still use on a daily basis? What are some of the common interests you still share that your Dad introduced you to? If you are able to incorporate these into a thoughtful gift it is sure to be one he will cherish.

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Any father appreciates being recognized for the hard work of being a good dad, whether it’s your own father or the father of your children. Ask your kids what their favorite thing to do with their dad is, or consider what your favorite thing to do with your own father is. 

Gift Ideas For Your Brother’s Birthday

Siblings share a bond unlike any other. Let your brother know that you remember all the fun things you shared together growing up. Were there any family vacations that meant a lot to you? Any family traditions that are unique to your family?

Gift Ideas For Your Fiancée

How did your fiancée propose to you? Do you already know when and where your wedding is going to be? Use these things to come up with a creative gift idea.

Gift Ideas For Your Husband

How many years have you been married? Where were your wedding and your honeymoon? What is your favorite way to relax and have fun together?


Now that you’ve given some thought to all these important, meaningful moments, it’s time to find a way to showcase them and our RetroViewer is the perfect fit! There are so many moments, both special and candid, in our lives that we photograph automatically now. The easy access we have to cameras and digital storage have given us the tools to commemorate the events in our lives, but be honest - how often do you go through all those memories once they’re downloaded onto your hard drive?


The next time you need a special gift, go through all those pictures, and find the ones that best represent the things you love about your dad, your brother, or your significant other. Using your own pictures, you can build a customized 3D reel with your own captions, making it easier than ever to say and show someone what they mean to you. 


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