A unique corporate gift is one given to people you feel are important to your company. The gift is your company’s way of expressing appreciation to the recipient and acts as a goodwill gesture and treasured memento. It also signifies the recipient.

A well-chosen corporate gift is one that brings a “wow” factor to the recipient due to either their appearance or utility. As soon as the gift lands in the hands of your client, partner or employee, it should create a sense of excitement, convey your thoughtfulness and still promote your brand.

Why Offer Unique Corporate Gifts?

Most corporate gift items are boring or predictable and, as a result, lose their sheen in just a few days. Those items will be accepted by your clients or prospects and then given away immediately or stowed away in places where they are quickly forgotten. In the end, common promotional items end up being a waste of marketing resources and money, since they offer little return on your investment.

Although you may hand out corporate gifts with the best intentions, giving an item that is similar to what your competitors offer makes you lose out on the benefits of brand recall that a unique gift provides. Instead of giving stale gifts, why not amaze your clients with swag that plays a collection of eye-popping pictures from Image 3D?

What Are Some Unique Corporate Gifts You Can Offer Clients and Staff?

Image3D offers you a collection of retro-styled 3D image viewers for your promotional merchandise. Since 1997, we have shown individuals and brands just how much of a lasting impression our 3D promotional tools, custom picture reels, and old school-styled viewers can leave on clients and prospects. Some of the unique corporate gifts that we provide include:

1. 3D Classic Viewer 

If you or your clients were children of the ‘60s, ‘70s or ‘80s, you are sure to love the Classic 3D Viewer. This retro-styled reel viewer lets you view photos in 3 dimensions and is a fun keepsake that is sure to bring nostalgic feelings for simpler, more innocent times. 

The classic 3D viewer runs disks containing 7 pairs of brilliant, stereoscopic color images. We produce these images by either converting your existing pictures or by taking 3D photos of your product or service in action.

You can order a ready-to-ship and in-stock Classic Viewer in a choice of white, red, blue or black or order the gift in a custom color. When you provide the Pantone number, we will provide you with a memorable giveaway that stands out while reinforcing your brand standards. You can also further customize your classic viewer with your logo and text for more overt marketing of your brand.

2. 3D Mini-Viewer 

If you want to see a big impact for minimal outlay on your corporate gift-giving, then 3D Mini-Viewers are the perfect gift. These compact toys let you amaze your audience with stereoscopic images at industry events, trade shows, fairs, corporate gatherings, and sporting events at an affordable price. What’s more, the Mini-Viewers are compact enough to be carried comfortably at expos, where visitors are likely to be overloaded with other giveaways from participating companies.

Similar to the Classic 3D Viewer, the Mini-Viewer is available in four default colors but can be made available in a custom color to fit in with your brand. Additionally, you can order the Mini-Viewer in quantities as small as 5000 per order.

Other benefits and extras you can look forward to when you choose the Image 3D Mini-Viewer include:

  • Conversion of existing images to 3D
  • Printing of your logo on the viewer
  • A viewer made from recyclable materials

Get Unique and Fun Corporate Gifts from Image3D 

A fun and unique corporate gift or promotional item, especially one that is a result of out-of-the-box thinking, will always be well-received. The best thing is that a gift that sticks out from all the background noise does not necessarily have to break your marketing budget. When you give your clients something humorous, nostalgic or quirky, you help to build trust in your brand and express your company’s creativity and creative thinking.

Image3D viewers have been thoughtfully designed to make them the perfect corporate gift – something that will have clients, partners, and prospects talking about you for months or years to come. Our viewers are flexible enough for all types of occasions, can be branded to your exact specifications and are made in the USA from 100% recyclable materials.

Looking for a thoughtful, fun and unique corporate gift? Image3D’s promotional toys give you a memorable alternative that helps your brand stand out.