Bridesmaid Proposal

There are many ways to propose to the future bridesmaids. One great way is to recreate past memories and asking with a 3D RetroViewer. Create the perfect reel of pictures from the past and at the end ask them to be a bridesmaid. It is a wonderful bridesmaid proposal idea.

The question of "will you be my bridesmaid?" is a big one. This is almost as special to them as the groom asking "will you marry me?" to the bride. Bridesmaids are usually close friends and family, and there is usually a significant amount of commitment and effort contributed by the bridal party to help pull off a magical wedding. Creating the most special way to ask is a fun way for the bride to get creative and use her imagination. Making the bridesmaid invitations should also be fun for the bride. She can reflect on her relationships, and decide the best way to include them in her special day.

For instance, a bride, Lindsey wanted to ask her sister and three friends to be to be in her wedding. She was also looking for way to share her story of why she asked each bridesmaid. She wanted a unique and memorable way to create her bridesmaid proposal.

Using the Image3D Reel, Lindsey created a reel for each person - a unique way to view pictures. When she gave it to her potential bridesmaids, each person could flip through their pictures, and see the memories they made with the bride. At the end of the reel Lindsey asked them to be her bridesmaids. They all loved her unique way of asking, and of course all said yes.

Bridesmaid Invitations

When creating the perfect bridesmaid proposal, start by gathering pictures to use. These pictures should reflect the relationship the bride has with the potential bridesmaid. Not every reel has to be the same. In fact, they should be different. This is a way to be creative and make unique reels for each bridesmaid. Imagine getting asked with the same reel as another friend. That is no fun. After you have the pictures you want to use you will have to create the last picture. This is the one when the bride “pops the question.”

Personalize Invitations for Bridesmaids

This picture could be the same for each bridesmaid. However, if the intention is to make the bridesmaid invitations more personalized, that is an option too. Have fun with this picture. It could be the bride holding a sign asking, maybe writing it in the sand, etc. There is no limit with how this can be made. It is completely up to the bride on how to decorate and put it together. Brianna's Custom RetroViewer Reel asking her Sister to be her Maid of Honor

Not only is this a fun and unique way to propose to your bridesmaid, but it also leaves them with a gift they will treasure forever.  (Plus, if you are looking for the perfect wedding keepsake gift, the RetroViewer is the best way to showcase highlights of the newly married couple!)

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