This week, we introduce artist Pearlyn S.
While following her dreams (literally!), Pearlyn has made several illustrations of wild animals. She decided to put them on a custom Reel and the following Favorite Friday emerged.........

Wild Animal Illustrations on a Custom Reel

Pearlyn told us:
"This reel is actually part of a new illustration project named, Drawing Animal. Drawing Animal is a collection of animal portraits evoked from a childhood dream from a long time ago. Upon growing up, knowing the near impossible of being able to own a wildlife sanctuary. However this doesn't stop the dream. Pursing it in a different way, this is how Drawing Animal is created. Encouraging all to never stop chasing their dreams. The reel will also be part of an exhibition that is happening at the end of this year, in Singapore.

To checkout more of Pearlyn's work, check out her website- click here - or see her on Facebook and Instagram