Why the Image3D Classic Viewer is the Perfect Corporate Gift

The word classic brings to mind a style of things that never gets outdated and always retains its charm.

What if you could mix that classic touch with a viewing device that still fits with the demand for high-end visuals people have today?

Now imagine rolling that all into a perfect corporate gift idea you could use in multiple ways at your place of business. If all this sounds good, you should check out the Image3D classic retro viewer. 

Reminiscing About a Simpler Time – Where Viewers Were King

Even before virtual reality was a mainstream technology and when 3D movies were still somewhat of a rarity, the viewer we call “classic” ruled its day.

It proves people have always craved gorgeous visuals whether they’re reading a story or learning about another part of the world. 


This was the era when classics like the Slinky, Frisbee, and Magic 8-ball all burst onto the scene and dominated sales for decades to come.

For viewing devices to catch on the way they did, it shows they offered something special. There’s always been an appeal to putting yourself somewhere else, even if all you’re doing is staring into a device and flipping through a reel of images.

This isn’t to minimize the device, however – because beyond just allowing you to see things from a different perspective, literally and figuratively, these viewing devices can make the perfect custom corporate gift idea.


Why Custom Reels Make Your Viewers a Corporate Gift Goldmine

Think about all the special moments and important visuals your company has gathered up over the years.

Those moments could be anything from special occasions like opening up new departments, instituting new policies, reaching team milestones, going on company events, or anything else that is important to the organization. 

As for those tasks that require important visuals, you’ll find the viewing device is helpful as well. Add more excitement to training, make proposals take on a whole new approach, and get prospective new hires about your company by showing off its culture in a whole new way than they’re accustomed to.

It’s true that many great gift ideas for businesses are related to business in some way – tablets, chargers, and other similar devices top the lists. Give the same sense of immersion with a splash of classic style by going with the custom retro viewer.

By giving users the chance to create their own reels, this device can be personalized for any company need you may have. 


Other Corporate Gift Ideas You Should Consider

Image3D offers plenty of gifts that fall into the same family as the classic retro viewer.  Check out these cool gifts that fit right along with the theme of a classic visual experience and an abundance of possibilities in a professional setting.

3D Mini Viewer

The 3D mini viewer is a perfect gift to hand out at hiring events, product demonstrations, trade shows, expos, and corporate meet-and-greets when you have a lot to show off. You don’t want to handle your presentation without visuals, and stills shown on a screen at the front of the room just won’t cut it.

These small viewing devices can be ordered in bulk and can be used to put your viewer right in the center of whatever it is you’re showing off. Whether you’re promoting a product or seeking out new employees, the 3D mini viewer is a great tool to immerse your audience.

3D PopUp Viewer

When you need your visuals to literally pop up from the paper, choose the 3D PopUp Viewer. Sometimes you do your marketing and communication by mail, and this is where the 3D viewer comes in handy. Your recipients will feel more involved in what you have to offer thanks to this product.

3D Image Conversion

Got some regular photos you think would look better if only they were in 3D? You’re in luck – 3D image conversion services can give you the look you want whether you want to go full 3D or even aim for a mix of 2D and 3D.

If you have a standard image but think it would look better with 3D text, you can have your custom image set up and prepared for a reel you can use in your viewing device.

Create a Corporate Culture You Can Be Proud Of

These devices are 100% recyclable, made in the U.S.A., and certified safe in accordance with CPSIA. You’ll be promoting green culture, buying at home, and safety in the workplace – all while outfitting your business with a helpful tool and a splash of retro.

Ready to get your business set up with a retro viewer and other items that make for the perfect corporate gift selections? Contact Image3D today.