If you have been married, like me, you probably have a huge wedding album filled with pictures. But do you ever really look at it? Or do guests ever walk by and say, "Oh hey I want to look through all of those!"

Probably not.

But, if you have your 7 most favorite wedding photos on a custom reel, nobody would be able to resist looking at it!

Unlike those photo albums, our tagline "Everybody Looks" definitely holds true in this case!

wedding keepsake reel

Real life case~

Since I used these at my wedding reception and let my guests take one home, I now see my reel and viewer sitting on family members mantles, right next to their other favorite photos!

More Ideas~

The wedding photo reel can be more than just a keepsake. You can also give this reel as a gift to family and friends after the wedding (parents would especially love this)! Or someone could make this reel for the couple! In fact, if you are a wedding photographer, many of our photographer customers give this type of reel and viewer set as a thank you after a session.

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Were you late at giving the couple a gift? You can always make an after wedding reel, complete with 7 pictures of their big day that they will cherish forever!
Or, was your wedding years ago and now you are feeling like you missed out? Recreate your wedding memories with a little nostalgia from the past!