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Weddings are special, once-in-a-lifetime events, so wedding keepsake gifts should be just as special. Things like jewelry, wallets and pens are traditional gifts for the wedding party with brides and grooms giving each other something more sentimental. Gifts to parents should also be something that notes their caring and efforts throughout the years.

There is a memorable wedding gift that can be customized and bring fun and memories to the wedding part, wedding guests, or guests of honor. The RetroViewer is the right combination of sentimentality, nostalgia and modern tech that will make everyone smile.

A RetroViewer, based on the popular mid-20th century toy, looks like binoculars. You create your own custom reels of pictures to view. With new technology, the viewer allows you to customize with your own photos, you can even add 3D text. Here are some great ways to include this nostalgic toy into your special day.


Give to Your Wedding Party

Those in your wedding party can now use a RetroViewer to look at old photos of you with them through the years. It can also include parties and events leading up to the wedding. It is truly a custom wedding gift that takes them back to carefree, younger days. This is a perfect way to propose to your wedding party or make it a special, personalized maid of honor proposal.


Give to Your Parents

All parents love pictures and the RetroViewer is among the perfect wedding keepsake gifts to enjoy pictures from childhood to wedding day. This is a great memorable wedding gift for grandparents because they can take a trip down memory lane anytime without setting up a laptop or pulling out a heavy album.


Give to Each Other

Brides and grooms sometimes like to exchange something the morning of their wedding day. There is no better gift than a custom wedding gift including pictures of your life together so far. You can even add your favorite memories from vacations together, or engagement photos.  Looking at the pictures will calm nerves and bring happiness to their heart.

For a more risque wedding - night type of gift, many photographers can offer RetroViewer options for boudoir photos. You may also easily upload them to our site, and create your own reel.

We have even had RetroViewer fans use the joy of RetroViewer as a special and unique wedding proposal idea.

Leave Them for Guests

unique wedding photo gifts

Most weddings have a table with pictures showing you two growing up and together throughout your relationship. You typically can't include all the pictures you would like and some guests never get a chance to make it to the memory table.

Put a RetroViewer on each dining table for those attending the reception to view at their leisure. They will enjoy photos and it will provide a conversation topic for guests, eliminating possible awkward moments.


Send Them to Those Who Couldn't Attend

A RetroViewer is a great custom wedding gift to send to a pregnant friend or elderly aunt who couldn't make the trip. This gives them a thoughtful reminder they are missed and a glimpse into your wedding day. You can even use them as creative wedding invitations.

Buying a RetroViewer with customized reel is affordable with prices starting at $29.95 for one reel and viewer set. You can buy identical reels and sets in bulk for the best value or buy separate reels and sets for the initial price per set. You can also buy more reels later for $14.95 per reel, so you can update your wedding gift to those you love as your life together changes.

What are you waiting for? Weddings arrive quickly. Create excitement by incorporate the RetroViewer into your gift giving! Create an account and start building reels of memories today.