It's pretty obvious to us here at Image3D that people like their dogs. How, you ask? Because we are often inundated with custom Viewefinder reels of dogs! It's such a treat (pun INtended) to open a reel and see a big wet nose, dogs sleeping on human beds, and puppies!
Here are some of our favorite dog reels...

viewmaster, view finder, custom, puppy, unique, keepsake

The Boxer Luv Rescue! The dates on each picture represent the day the dog was adopted :-)
viewfinder, boxer, dog, rescue, pictures, happy

reel, dog, puppy, unique, cute

puppy, cute, dog, viewfinder, custom

Adorable Pet Photography:
dogs, photography, pet, viewfinder, reel, custom

dogs, viewfinder, custom, cute

Click on each reel and it will take you to a dedicated page about that specific reel.
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