Unique photo gifts for DadStuck figuring out what exactly to get your Dad for Father’s Day? Is he an avid photographer, or someone who loved photos as a kid?

Trying to find the perfect unique photo gift for Dad? Want to give him something that he won’t be able to forget? Or, maybe something he has forgotten and would probably like to remember?

Why not a RetroViewer? The classic way of viewing photos was an incredibly popular photo viewer toy for kids in the mid-20th century and will undoubtedly bring back nostalgic memories. Almost every child growing up in the 60s and 70s had these, and for good reason—they allowed kids to have their own world to go to, one in which they could be viewing photos rendered only for themselves.

So, what exactly is a RetroViewer? A RetroViewer is a toy that looks like a pair of binoculars. You can put reels containing photos inside, then look inside the lens and pull the lever on the right to move the reel and see the photos in the film of the reel! Basically, it’s a very personal slide show that you can have all to yourself, without the need of plugging in a projector.

Historically, you would buy specific reels depending on which images you wanted to see, with different reels containing different branding, themes, and more. However, one of the benefits of the 21st century is that we’re constantly improving upon old technologies. The RetroViewer is no different, as you can now customize your reels by adding your own photos to them!

Though the process is simple, intuitive, and affordable, the most valuable part of the RetroViewer as a gift is all of these things and more. The most important part is the undeniable nostalgia your old man will feel when he looks through the lens of a RetroViewer and feel like a kid again. Filling it with new memories and photos will only magnify this effect—share with him photos of your graduation, your first dates, or family photos from when he was younger. No matter how you do it, you’ll find that a RetroViewer is much more than a picture viewer toy, it can be something to cherish for years to come. The photos are well preserved on the film they stay on, so even breaking out your old toys and trying those reels on your older RetroViewer is worth a shot!

The RetroViewer makes the gift giving process easier and is the perfect Father’s Day photo gift idea. The prices are worth it as well, with the set pricing beginning at $29.95 for 1 reel and viewer set. After that, you can either purchase more reels and sets that are identical to the original or pay the initial price again if you want to have separate reels. If you have the viewer but just want to purchase the reels, they cost $14.95 per reel and you can get an even better value if you buy identical reels in bulk.

Father’s Day photo gifts are a great way to make Dad smile this year. RetroViewer reels are the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for Dad’s who have everything.

Get started creating your own photo reel today! These high quality reels take 5 business days to develop and create. We have a variety of shipping options available to allow you to get your customized and unique photo gift for Dad in time for Father’s Day.