Tourism marketing brings a location’s unique qualities to life. Tourism marketing promotion highlights those unique qualities in an exciting way. Tourism organizations and associations around the world have used the Image3d RetroViewer to showcase their unique destination and get people excited about visiting.

Helsinki Tagged uses a custom RetroViewer for tourismWe worked with the Dublin Design Collective, along with PIVOT Dublin to help them create an exhibition called HelsinkiTagged! Drawing from the city’s unique aspects, the project sought to show highlights of the city and share why the city is a great place to visit and live.


HelsinkiTagged! Reel


The exhibition featured 40 different custom reels, and their own custom viewer. To add a little bit of fun to this project, a competition challenged viewers to find as many tags as possible. Over 700 photos of the tags were spread across Helsinki and on their website.



screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-07-47-pmThe Shawnee Convention & Visitors Bureau sought to find a unique way to share how their city was unique. They wanted to convey a message of history and award winning agritourism opportunities. Shawnee, Oklahoma was incorporated in 1894 and has history that is worth sharing, music that people love, and lanscapes that are picture worthy. Whether visitors are looking for a unique culture and arts experience or a fun night of dining out, the custom photo reel was able to share these stories and inspire travel. Travelers are able to "Meet Tutu" at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, and grab a glimpse before visiting with this reel.

Awesome Art Reels by ArtistsThe possibilities are endless for your tourism marketing campaign. The RetroViewer allows you upload your own photos – it’s something that you can try out today. But when you’re ready to start creating an entirely different and unique tourism marketing campaign, we can help you with the details and provide you with accurate costs and production timelines.

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