How do you WIN on Valentine’s Day? In order to truly accomplish this, you have to make a statement with the gifts you get. This article is here to help you pick the best Vday gifts for your significant other.

Way #1 — Self-Sustaining Water Garden Aquarium

Grow their own garden and have their own fish. What could be better? (Fish not included. . . sorry)

Way #2 — Polaroid Camera

This is for the one who loves to document your relationship. There’s just something about Polaroid pictures that bring you back to the exact moment it was taken. A definite must-have for the scrapbooker of your relationship.

Way #3 — Click & Grow Garden

This smart garden is the future of window gardens. It uses smart soil, built-in sensors, and energy-saving LED lamps to grow your garden in any type of setting.

Way #4 — Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit Flex 2 is on the lighter side when it comes to the price of Fitbit nowadays, but it still has all of the basic functions that you can expect. Use this Vday gift to support your partner’s New Year’s resolution of living a healthier, more fit lifestyle.

Way #5 — Hand-Poured Soy Wax Candle

The Paddywax scented soy wax candle is different than your typical retail store pick-up. It’s a hand-poured candle made of soy wax that is put inside of an on-trend concrete vessel. It’s truly a unique gift idea.

Way #6 — Hanging Terrarium

To be honest, some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts can double as a great birthday present. This hanging terrarium is one of them. It will add a nice touch to your significant other’s bedroom, office, or living room with its simple, yet elegant look.

Way #7 — Essential Oil Diffuser
Essential oils have become some of the trendiest self-care products on the market. Bring these healthy and helpful oils to their home with this diffuser.

Way #8 — Long Distance Love Mug

Nothing says that you love someone like a personalized gift. This coffee mug says, “I love you” from hundreds of miles away and it will remind them every morning that they use it.

Way #9 — UGG Slippers

The truth is that all girls love to be comfortable. These UGG slippers will keep their toes warm and win you brownie points for style.

Way #10 — Image3D RetroViewer

Our RetroViewer allows you to create a nostalgic click-through camera roll that is sure to hit them right in the heart when they see it. It’s our recommendation for this Valentine’s Day because it not only shows thoughtfulness, it also reminds them of all the memories you’ve made together and how many more are to come.

These Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to make your partner’s heart throb when they open them. Stick to these 10 choices and you are sure to WIN this Valentine’s Day.