Three Fantastic Best Friend Gift Ideas

Close your eyes and think of the one friend who knows you best: your partner in crime, the peanut butter to your jelly, the person who will sit and finish a gallon of ice cream with you on a weeknight. That’s the person we’re talking about in this article. The holiday season is upon us and everyone is already scrambling to find gifts for family and gifts for friends.

Getting caught up in the current? Let us help.

Neighborwoods Map Coasters  

These rustic cedar coasters are easily some of the best small gift ideas for best friends. They can take you back to the place where you first met, or where you had that one unforgettable summer day, every time you pick up or set down your glass.Screen-Shot-2017-11-14-at-2.00.15-PM-300x200.png

Long Distance Touch Lamp

For all of you “tech-savvy” folks out there, this is your gift. These lamps, preferably sold in pairs, emit a glow when touched that then illuminates the light’s mate, no matter how far away. With the touch of a hand, you can let your best friend know that you’re thinking of them.


Image3D RetroViewer

OK, those lamps were pretty cool; but we all know that nothing beats a good old-fashioned photo. Image3D makes old-fashioned the new fashion by allowing you to customize your own photo reel and then play it through their RetroViewer. It brings everything a photo does (nostalgia, happiness, longing, memories) and puts it into your own personal, equally nostalgic RetroViewer.

Kids love RetroViewers!