I thought I would take a break from talking about 3D, viewfinders, a retro-coolness to talk about another love of mine...wildlife!
As you know, Image3D is based in Oregon. And some of the typical Oregon stereotypes are true...that is, big on recycling, tree huggers, outdoor enthusiasts, etc. And how could we not be? Our shop is located on the 14 acre land of owner, Rich Dubnow. This property is complete with forest, creeks, ponds, and entertaining wildlife!

ducks at the pond at Image3D

Every time there is some cool bug or animal outside, everyone knows to grab me. I love animals! Doesn't matter what kind it is. I find them fascinating! (Funny sidebar- Darby once found a dead dragonfly...such BEAUTIFUL bug...still perfectly put together, almost as if it had been petrified. First thing he does is come give it to me. That was almost a year ago and it looks so nice that I don't have the heart to throw it away (it's wings even have a sparkly shimmer to them), so it just sits on my office window sill. Is that weird?! Everyone also knows that I don't kill bugs...not even spiders...instead, I will take them outside. So, if someone sees one they'll say "Liz, come grab this or he's gonna be dead!" and of course I rush out there.) So, it is a good thing that I always have my camera with me so that I can catch glimpses of all the animals around here to share with the world.

Darby, not just an awesome Image3D employee, but also a handyman by trade, built a cute squirrel feeder to sit outside. We've seen squirrels and all kinds of birds out there snacking.

Squirrels and birds enjoying the feeder

Every spring we have a woodpecker hang around the shop. He sits on the gutters and bangs on them, looking for love. The pecking sound is so loud it carries through the entire shop!

For a while there we had some half-domesticated turkey's hanging' around outside. That was a first for some of us who had been living in the area for 20+ years! Speaking of some of us living here our whole lives, all we had ever seen was cute little wooly bear caterpillars. Never had we seen a big green one about the size of a cigar! So, it was pretty exciting when we saw one crawling around the parking lot one day.

Little creatures at Image3D

Now, some people wouldn't normally get to excited about a moth. But, have you ever seen one that looks like a giraffe? It was so neat, I just had to take a picture! Or 3 or 4 :-)

I have yet to catch pictures of the deer that wander in front of our windows. Every time I grab my camera they take off! One morning in particular Ramona was sitting at her desk, with a large window in front of her. Suddenly I heard her go, "OMG! There are eyes looking at me!" and sure enough, it was 3 deer sneakin' a peek at her.

I love working here! It is always entertaining! What kind of wildlife do you get to see (at home or at work)?