A custom RetroViewer in any form is surely a unique way to surprise a loved one. It's personalized, it brings back memories, it's fun and unexpected, and it's a creative, tangible way to use all those photos stored in your device!

Christmas RetroViewer Reels

So what are the top 5 themes we see during Christmastime?

#1: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Nostalgia and Christmas memories on a custom RetroViewer
Black and white photos, pictures pulled from old clingy albums, smiles remembering the last 20, 30, 40, 50 years and beyond! Photos bring back all sorts of good memories and fuzzy feelings. Taking a trip down memory lane on a custom RetroViewer is a win-win. Maybe it's a reel of past Christmases, or a reel remembering mom & dad's wedding. How about reels full of all the past pet's that have blessed your life. Or, even reels just showcasing the 7 best highlights of the past 40 years. A nostalgic RetroViewer + your own nostalgia = best gift ever! Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face.

#2: Recent Family Vacays

A trip to Costa Rica remembered on a custom reel
Spending time together as a family, romantic couples getaways, and everything in between! Remember those past vacations in a fun way by putting them on a RetroViewer!

2020 has put a spin on this category this year. Covid has put a stop to many planned or dreamed-of getaways. BUT, that doesn't mean you can't travel to far away places on a custom RetroViewer! In fact, that was one of the most beloved ways to enjoy a View-Master back in the day, seeing sights from all over the world. With a custom RetroViewer, you can be in charge of finding pictures from your bucket-list-trips and compile them together for a fun way to dream of what the future will bring.

#3: Milestones of the Kiddos

Kids pictures through the years
The perfect gift for grandparents! What grammy wouldn't love to look through a RetroViewer and see how much Charlie has grown this past year? Something she can keep and hold on to forever to remember the days. For older kids, you can recapture the year's dance recital, sport events, awards, summer vacations, the list goes on! Even adults can get in on the action and look back on how much they have changed by using past school pictures to fill a custom reel, sure to get a laugh!

#4: Will You Marry Me?

A proposal on a custom reel!
Christmas ranks #1 as the most popular day to get engaged, and that is no surprise to us! Reels explode during Christmas with those 4 special words, Will You Marry Me? We are always so thrilled to be a part of the excitement and major milestone in a couple's life together.

The most popular way to do it is to fill the first 6 frames with your best memories, then BAM frame 7 is the surprise she never saw coming. Gasps, smiles, OMGs, hugs, and happy tears follow.
Want proof? See customer's proposal stories here- PROPOSALS

#5: Reels for all Generations

A reel just for kids showcasing their favorite movies and characters
A RetroViewer is a toy that many remember from their childhood. It was a toy that sparked imagination and wonder. What fun it is to introduce that toy you loved so much to your kids and grandkids. Every Christmas we see reels made just for the kids in customer's lives. From scenes of their favorite movies and shows, to pictures of their furry best friends, and everything in between! With images being so digital these days, a RetroViewer is a great way to bring those photos into the physical world and let kids see photos the way you saw photos.