This website is so cool!

The Stereogranimator

Red View-Master_Model_GThe introduction to the stereogranimator website reads, "Do you remember the magic of looking into a ViewMaster as a child & being suddenly somewhere else? You can think of NYPL's stereograph archive as a gold mine of some 40,000 ViewMaster slides, nearly all more than 100 years old."

Joshua Heineman has literally gone through the archives at the New York Public Library finding old stereograph images.

Now he shares some of the collection with you. The images are in anaglyph as well as an animated gif. And you can even pay around with the images yourself and create your own masterpieces!
We highly suggest reading the "About" section as it gives you a really good sense of how this website was created and the thoughts behind it (espcially explaining the animated gif's!).

Now go have fun and start reliving history through 3D eyes!

And hey, if you need some anaglyph glasses to view the images, don't hesitate to let us know you need some! Send an email to [email protected] with your mailing address and they will be on the way.