I thought it would be fun today to have a t.v. show for retro Wednesday. I wanted to get some ideas so I typed in "retro t.v. show" and guess what came up...The Price is Right!

price is right logoWhenever I watch it (that is if I happen to be home sick since it is on at 10am) it constantly reminds me how long it has been on the air and it never quite hit me until I found it in the "retro" section.

I love that show! Back when my brother and I were in elementary school and had a day off, we would make sure and wake up (set our alarm even) by the time the Price is Right was on. It's so much fun looking back at old pictures and seeing how Bob Barker's hair has changed. Now, it's fun to look back and see how much weight Drew Carey has lost!

There is a fun little snippet about the Price is RIght at RetroJunk.com.

Anyone else love it as much as I did/do? Can you think of any other super cool retro shows?