Christmas Present Ideas for Your Kids

Ask any parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle and they’ll agree - it’s not always easy to find a really amazing gift for the kids in your life.  With their ever-changing interests and hobbies, a gift bought just a couple months before Christmas may no longer be the perfect choice by the time they receive it.  But how can you avoid this conundrum?

Most kids don’t need just another toy destined to end up on a shelf or in the closet.  And gift cards are usually appreciated, but definitely aren’t anything special or meaningful.  When you’re going over ideas for a family gift for Christmas, what you really want is something that will not only be a fun surprise to receive but beyond that, be a source of happy memories for years to come.

> Start Building Your Own Custom Reels

This is what makes Image3D’s RetroViewer such an incredible gift.  Using your own treasured photos, you can build a reel made specifically for every child on your Christmas list.  Build them a timeline of their lives - start at the very beginning with stereoscopic images and pregnancy photos, moving on to baby pictures, school pictures, birthday parties and holiday memories.

You may even want to make a reel just for mom, featuring her maternity photography and family portraits.  The RetroViewer and reels can be customized for each member of your family and will provide you with great gifts for years to come with new reels of each treasured year every Christmas.

Take the plunge this year with something unique and star building your own custom reels from Image3D.