The traditional wedding gifts "master list" says that for 7 years of marriage you should gift something with a copper theme. But let's mix that tradition up!

The RetroViewer is perfect for 7 year anniversaries because there are exactly 7 images on a RetroViewer reel. What better way to recapture and rekindle your years and add anticipation for the next?

7 Year Anniversary on a custom RetroViewer

Pick your favorite photo from each year of marriage and title each frame with the year the photo represents. It will be like a step back in time from the first click of the viewer! And, don't forget, adding text with our text tool means it will be in 3D!

7th Anniversary RetroViewer Reel

You can even purchase a special "I Love You" viewer in their favorite color.

I Love You RetroViewers

Throw those traditional gifts out the door and opt for something fun, nostalgic, and sure to bring happy tears and smiles (read some of our awesome testimonials). Just don't be surprised when year 8 rolls around and you are having trouble topping the year 7 gift :-)