I can already smell the golden roasted turkey, fresh mashed potatoes, and warm pumpkin pie that fills up my house on Thanksgiving.

But the food is only half of the fun! Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and giving thanks. It is so much fun having the family come together and take a break from the busy day to day of life.

Part of those gatherings involves decorating the house (one of my favorite parts)! From handmade treasures the kids make in art class (you know, tracing their hand and coloring it to look like a turkey--so fun!) to fancy vases filled with colorful and fragrant flowers.

Thanksgiving Decor

Most of my family's Thanksgiving dinners are held at my Grandparent's house. One of my favorite parts about being at their house is being able to go back through old photo albums. Seeing everyone and how much they have changed (or not?) and laughing at old outfits/hairstyles that were once cool. It makes for a really fun discussion and bonding with the family.

Thanksgiving Decor With Viewer

Both decorative and fun, how about a new twist on the traditional photo album? Custom reels and viewers make for an awesome way to showcase what you are thankful for and will get lots of rave reactions from everyone who sees it. You could add family photos from over the years or even have a fun saying on each frame describing one thing you are thankful for like our example reel.