How many people watch the T.V. show Modern Family?
In one episode, they used a View-Master as a gift for Phil and Claire's anniversary.
Since that show, it has inspired many people to do the same with our version of the product!

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One of those customers was Morgane N.
Here is her story of how she used a custom Reel (inspired by Modern Family) to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday...

"For my boyfriend's birthday I offered him some tickets for a music festival which took place before his birthday. So for the day of his birthday, I did not know what to offer. I got the idea of the View Master when I was watching Modern Family. In one episode Phil offers a personalised view master to Claire for their anniversary. I thought that it was a great idea. So I ordered some 3D reels with the photos of the music festival to remind him how much fun we had. It was so easy to make it, and you were the only company who was doing it and sending it anywhere in the world. My boyfriend did not expect it, he did not know we could personalise reels. He loved it! It is becoming our new way to immortalize our holidays."

We can't wait to hear more stories from Morgane in the future!

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