It looks like we have an animal theme for July's Favorite Friday.
If you missed last week, you would have seen some awesome animal drawings by Pearlyn S. Check it out here.

This week, we switch gears with some real-life animals to make people smile. Even better, they will be used to help people cope with addictions by looking at funny animal pictures to help relieve stress.

Here is what we learned from Jennifer R. upon choosing her Reels for favorite Friday:

"I work with the STACD (Start Talking About Coping & Drugs) project associated with the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) of Simcoe County.
We created the reels to bring along with us to conferences and events to promote our project and to help showcase stress management in a healthy way - look at relaxing and funny pictures to feel better, instead of turning to drugs."

What a great project!
Now we hope these Reels make you smile as much as they did for us :-)

A Reel of Smiling Animals

A Reel of Relaxing Animals