Sometimes all you want to do is make someone smile....even if you can't see it happen! If you have a special relative or friend who has moved away or is just on a long vacation, a custom Reel is a great way to stay connected.

Whether it be just because you miss them and want to say hello or want to share your recent adventures, the ideas are endless for this type of Reel.

An I miss you Reel for a loved one

The college blues

Send a Reel with pictures of the beloved family pets, family members with funny sayings, or favorite spots around their hometown. It will be sure to make them smile and feel cozy when they can't be at home during school.

Child Milestones

A full year of memories doesn't need to be missed by family from far away. Send them a Reel of your kids latest accomplishments.

Babys first year Reel

Just Because

Of course there is always the "just because" Reels, to make someone on the other end of the viewer smile. Say "hello", reminisce on the good 'ol days, or find 7 different ways to say I MISS YOU!

It Reel-y Works!

A past customer, Nancy A. was feeling the blues being separated from her fiance. She made him a custom Reel and sent us this email-
“My fiance and I have been away from each other for the past few months due to work and school, and we were really missing each other, so I sent him a 3D Viewer of our pictures, including the proposal and other favorites. He absolutely loved it! It was such a great spin on a childhood toy. It was really an excellent way to stay connected from so far away, so he could have a 3D me!”
Read more of Nancy's story and see the photo that goes with it by clicking here.

The Surprise I Miss You

Here is an adorable video of fun way to surprise someone with the comforts of home on a long-distance trip...hide a customized Reel in their suitcase for them to look at when they arrive!